FULLY designed website including every page –  with Content management system, User management system, and any other website feature you can think of or have seen on the internet!


How we work !!

Heres how our process works once you have decided to work with us and made the order.

A designer from our team will in be touch with you by email. We normally have a 1/2 week turnaround on a new website depending on its complication. Here are some design ideas below.





We will then ask you to pass as much information about your website and company. The more information we have the better idea we get of what you want.

We will then discuss ideas of layouts, colors, designs themes and ideas.

The designer will then go and make an initial design first draft so to speak.

You and the designer will then discuss what you like don’t like, want changing etc.

This process will go back and forth for as long as it takes for you to be 100 % satisfied with everything and every page.

Once the design process and website is finished you will receive a full instruction manual on every feature of your website and a step by step process of how to do things you want to do on the site.


We also offer Full Hosting / Web management services a must to go with this Website design learn more about that here.